WeeeeK cover and November Scans ♥

I think this are the covers from NEWS single WeeeeK if I'm not mistaken:The first one is the LE edition and the second one the Regular edition, omg it looks so nice but I love love love the Regular Edition one cause is so cute but the one in the LE they look hot!! omg at least if I don't get a hold of the LE Edition at least the Regular is love and it has Rainbow :P

Ok so now the Scans this scans are love I love them a lot they look so hot and cool and everything else and my Pi looks so good with his black hair and Tegoshi is blond but he looks good anyways and you can see that shige changed his hair well it looks nice =) they all look superb: Massu's pants are weird are hella baggy but well they're weird, Yamapi looks really hot and kei-chan has the style like in the Russ-k CM well it looks like it I really like Shige here well he's getting hotter ne?? and Tegoshi you can see his blond hair here I kinda seems a different hairstyle to me ...mmmm aww ryo he looks kinda sad/melancholy here but I love that face lol <3YamaPi mmm so yummy his kiss XD no seriously he looks good with his hair back to black but it looks brown here but that's the new hairstyle for sure and his in a bike, he was talking about a bike like that in his j-web... would be cool that you live close by and see him in his bike (I'll faint for sure)yes he in the bike :) and on his cellphone and I just love this kinda "natural" pics of him cause he's cute and hot and the same time *melting while writing*and I just love this pic cause I love picture 'look away' style and yes my Pi wuaahhh so hot, sexy, ashkgkjslakfs *incoherent*shige he still has his mohawk ? fawhawk? and I love it so he has like two hairstyle right now this one and the normal one and well is just a matter of gel/wax?? (wherever you use to do that)kei-chan he's a cutie i don't know what a like about him something he's like thinking don't be sad!!!koyashigemass !!! lol massu where is the smile ??? I want to see massu's smile/happy and I just love what he's wearing *me wants......mom! *Is this the new hairstyle?? he changes a lot ne?? (just like YamaPi) this is like wild blond hair style, mmm well I have contradictory opinions< *0* >mmm that pose *bad thoughts coming to my head*, but he looks mad/mean I'm afraid what should I do?? ugghhh choices and more choicesryo I love that shirt is cool he so kakkoi ne??!!and the complete body shot?? (i dunno what I'm talking about) but I like what I'm seeing *yay!!*and Russ-K ad and this is like the winter collection and I can't believe girls buy them?/ I mean is guys clothes right?? or do they have it for girls too??I think that the first pictures are from Massu's one man show, I'm sure cause you can see a picture of him little and well that's from that show; and the other is obviously YamaPi with his black hair ... so hot PiPi pwnds everybody and I don't like teshi's hair here gomen ne but you know i still love you, I like Shige too here well I like everybody :PYamaPi i love you so much You look so good in all this pics love love and more love for you ♥ what's up with Ryo's and Keii's hair they're messy too!! nande this was a messy shot?? demo I love Ryo's hair here te hee so nice!!! Tegoshi's hair looks reaaally blond here and again the hair is messy, I really like Shige's hair here and my Massu who almost never changes his hair look cute and why they separate the words in the magazine it took me a while to figure out it said "current topics"my Pi looks hot but I don't like his boots/shoesI love love what Ryo's is wearing that's the tipe of guy I like ;)blond... kid? I dunno what's his wearing makes me think a lil "rich" kid (and don't ask me why rich I just got this feeling hahaha xPKeii-chans looks good I like the pose I like his hair color but I don't like the boots what's up with the boots??Massu?? wtf those shoes/ tennis shoes?? he had to bring out his crazy fashion always is was all good till I saw the shoes maa Massu I luv you and I luv when you do that!Really stylish ne?? good job I think the shoes are simple but at least i won't get crazy as the above ones, I love the hair the pose, the shirt kina unbottoned and the pose and the pose and the pose!NEWS <3OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely adore this pic and if he was a teacher (a hot one that I have never seen) i'll learn wherever he wants to make learn I learn everything wuaaaa (or maybe i won't learn anything since I'll be waaaayyy distracted )Is really blond/orangy I don't like it that much it suits keii-chan better maa let's let him try cause I mean he always had his hair dark so maybe he wants to try ya know!edit: I was missing this page how could I forgot massu!!! maa its just because the exitement you know :P faces of NEWS but with glasses Yay!! even though I hate glasses on me that's why I wear contacts ... YamaPi looks good with glasses as well as Shige is he pouting somewhere there? Ryo his too cool for glasses imo, Keii-chan he looks smart and like he's working is a library (yeah the feeling again) massu kawaiii and Teshi i just keep looking to his hair lol.Shige I like it I like the glasses and the cup of coffee and the hair oh and the tan don't think i forgot!Ryo reading a Newspaper?? serious?? i don't know it doesn't fit well in my mind i think he doesn't read that kinda of thing since he prefer *coughgravureidolmagazinescough* other type of readingsilly .... what kinda books are you reading huh??they are drawing note that they still keep the glasses on! well except ryo and massu he's so funny that's dangerous yo!! don't put that in your eye/nose and the kiss *kill me in a cute way*LOL

Well that's it for now peoples yeah aren't you happy for the new Single and Album I am I hope you can buy it really really from the bottom of my heart also this photoshot was good and I love it hope you did too!!!

Credits to vendy @ http://vendy.blog3.petitmall.jp/
edit: add this to the collection thanks to ryopilover @ livejournal :) arigatou!!
YamaPi <3 I love love his hair *now I'll go to keep on stalking NEWS and the Taiwan Concert*

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Saturday, October 06, 2007 1:27:00 PM

A dozens of scaaaaaaaan... kyaaaaaaa!! arigatou gozaimasu. i rally liked your entry

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